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Corrective Exercise


Imagine yourself virtually pain free!!!


Brad is certified in the BioMechanics Method of Corrective Exercise.  This specialty certification allows Brad to design specific corrective exercise programs based on individual client needs to help them become pain free.


The BioMechanics Method is a revolutionary approach to chronic pain relief.  It centers around biomechanically-based structural assessments that identify poor alignment and body mechanics that negatively affect muscles and soft tissue structures.  By first conducting a personal structural assessment, Brad can then select exercises that are designed to alleviate your specific chronic pain issues.  The combination of an anatomically-focused assessment and sequential corrective exercise program unique to The BioMechanics Method, Brad can help you successfully eliminate your back, neck, shoulder, knee, foot, ankle and joint pain. 


Don't spend one more minute needlessly in pain.  Contact Brad today for a complimentary consultation!

Corrective Exercise 

1) The BioMechanics Method:
Experiencing chronic or acute pain corrective exercise may help lessen or even eliminate 
your pain through:
a) mayofascial soft tissue massage
b) stretching
c) strengthening 

2) Back Stabilization Method:
a)  being able to maintain the neutral or functional position of your spine during a specific series of exercises, eventually during most activities of daily living.

3) Review your current program:
a) proper lifting technique
b) delete or add to your program

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