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Posture Break

Do you sit for long periods of time? From gamers to desk jobs, prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all.  It leads to painful posture and many other health risks. 


Brad has the solution to this issue! With the Posture Break program you can better your posture and improve your overall health.


This refined program combines Brad's soft tissue and corrective exercise stretch techniques, focusing on the extreminities that affect the posture.  


Not So Fun Fact

  • Average weight of our heads is 8-11 lbs.  For every  inch your neck/head is protruded/flexed, multiply by 2.  EX:a 10 lb head protruding out 2 inches x 2= 4x10=40 lbs of extra weight you are carrying on your spine.  WOW!

Before                        After
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